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Access to NEW ROCK in The Gunks

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By TheCliffs - Posted on 18 September 2008

I've got two very exciting pieces of news...

We have an opportunity to greatly expand the amount of climbing available in The Shawangunk. But it requires the help of the local climbing community.

First One:
Formally known a Giant's Ledges and known to local climbers as Waterworks, one of the largest tracks of unprotected land on the ridge -175 pristine acres that includes one of the last stands of healthy hemlock and is home to rare plants and wildlife. It's the most northern point of the Shawangunks & located in Rosendale.

The Mohonk Preserve and the Open Space Institute (OSI) are trying to raise $500,000. They've already come up with $250,000 and the OSI will match every dollar contributed. So if you want to help protect this land PONY UP :-)

Second Opportunity:
I have less definitive Beta on this one, but the word is that Minnewaska is considering opening up the park to climbing. To put it in perspective, this is the single biggest piece of CLOSED climbable terrain in North America. I'll be working on seeing what we can do to help assure a favorable outcome to this decision... So stay tuned.

-Mike Wolfert